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When you join GOS we ask you to provide a postal address, email and phone number so we can provide your membership benefits. Postal address is used to send your membership pack and annual reports; email is used for newsletters, information about meetings and subscription renewals; phone is used to resolve problems with the other two.

If you make a donation on which we can claim Gift Aid, we may need to provide your name and address to HMRC to support our claim. 

If you attend an indoor meeting, we’ll record your name in case we need to evacuate the building; if you borrow a book from the library we’ll record your name so we can get the book back.

If you buy items from our on-line shop, we need your name and postal address to deliver them; your payment information is processed by Paypal on our behalf. If you join one of our residential trips, we will pass your name and address to the accommodation provider.

If you make a public post on the GOS website, we require a name and e-mail address in case of problems. We may also contact you using that e-mail address to invite you to become a member.

Finally if you contribute to our annual report, either by submitting records direct to GOS or by allowing us to access your records on Birdtrack, we will add you to the list of contributors in the printed volume. We also share records with relevant biological records centres.

If you have any questions about the above or want to exercise your rights to see, correct or delete your data, please contact Andrew Cormack,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If we don’t deal with your enquiry in a satisfactory way, you have the right to appeal to the UK Information Commissioner.