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We are pleased to advise you that GOS Members no longer require a permit to visit Llandegfedd Reservoir in the closed season. (October 1st to March 1st.)

The Society has negotiated a Group Permit which the Society will fund. Your membership card will act as your permit if you are asked to present it. Membership cards from 2021 will have details printed on the reverse side.

In order to gain access at the north end of the reservoir during the closed season you will require a code for the new combination lock that is now on the gate. If you hold a key from past years this will no longer be suitable.

In order to obtain the combination code please initially email with your full name & membership number (if known) as we have to maintain a list of members having access to the reservoir. The combination is likely to change each year so you will have to ‘renew’ your access each year.

We hope that this new benefit of society membership will be welcomed.

Petition to Safeguard Kenfig Nature ReserveOne of the finest nature reserves in Wales is under threat.
The internationally important sand-dune habitats at Kenfig need to be managed, otherwise they will lose their exceptional value. Bridgend council carried out this work for many years but has had to withdraw due to financial pressures.

The sites owner, a secretive and unaccountable body called the Kenfig Corporation, has not been prepared to agree any future plans. Compulsory purchase may be the only option left.

Kenfig’s sand-dunes are recognised as a Special Area of Conservation, Europe’s highest nature conservation designation.
The Kenfig Corporation has charitable status and so is required by law to take decisions in the public interest. Natural Resources Wales, the country’s public nature conservation agency, has ben trying to negotiate with the corporation to secure the site’s future but these discussions have reached an impasse. The corporation has not been willing to agree to any of the proposed options, for reasons that are unclear. It is time for the decision to be taken out of their hands.

In exceptional cases, where there is clear public interest, the Welsh Government has the power to undertake compulsory purchase to protect a site like Kenfig. Compulsory purchase need not be costly, the site has no commercial value and so there is no reason why the Kenfig Corporation could not sell it to the Welsh Government for a nominal sum.

The link to the petition is:

Sun 27th Sep 2020

All 2020 Meetings Cancelled

Due to the current situation we have cancelled all future scheduled meetings, both indoor & outdoor for the remainder of 2020.
Details of next years programme will be provided as soon as it becomes clearer as to what is possible and allowed under Covid regulations.

We hope all members are keeping safe and taking care.

Although the live birdfair has been cancelled due to Covid 19, you can still visit all the marquees and interact with the exhibitors. The link to visit is:

Sat 11th Apr 2020

Nesting birds – a reminder

Please do not post reports of nesting birds or sightings of rare or Schedule 1 breeders. Sightings which might lead to disturbance will be removed.

Reports of breeding, particularly of Schedule 1 species, should be sent direct to the County Recorder.

Due to Covid 19 and the ever changing situation it has been agreed that for the foreseeable future all indoor meetings and outdoor field meetings will be cancelled.

Note also that all hides at Newport Wetland Reserve as well as the RSPB Centre and car park are closed as of 24th March.

We would ask that if you know of members or non-members who usually attend these meetings and may not have access to this website or social media please advise them of the cancellations.

Please take care and stay safe.