Submitting records

Download 'Recording form' and 'Rare species description form'

Please use one of the Excel forms below to submit records of sightings and the Rare species description Word form for scarce or rare records (those with Recording code D).  Submitted records are summarised in the Systematic List published in our Annual Report.

Two sets of files are given, one for Microsoft Office 2007-2019 and one for Office 97-2004.  The Recording form is an Excel spreadsheet and the Rare species description form is available as an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document.

Download both files and save them in the same folder on your PC or Mac.  When completed, save the form(s) with a new name (e.g. J Smith Gwent records 2019) and send to the County Recorder at

The Rare species description form .pdf is for observers who do not have Microsoft Office; the completed form can be submitted by post or by scanning and attaching to an email.

If you have any queries about the forms, or problems when entering your records, please email Chris Field or Keith Roylance giving your phone number and you will be called back.

Please submit the completed forms to