Winter access to Llandegfedd Reservoir

We are pleased to advise you that GOS Members no longer require a permit to visit Llandegfedd Reservoir in the closed season. (October 1st to March 1st.)

The Society has negotiated a Group Permit which the Society will fund. Your membership card will act as your permit if you are asked to present it. Membership cards from 2021 will have details printed on the reverse side.

In order to gain access at the north end of the reservoir during the closed season you will require a code for the new combination lock that is now on the gate. If you hold a key from past years this will no longer be suitable.

In order to obtain the combination code please initially email with your full name & membership number (if known) as we have to maintain a list of members having access to the reservoir. The combination is likely to change each year so you will have to ‘renew’ your access each year.

We hope that this new benefit of society membership will be welcomed.