The new Birds of Wales book– save £20

On 1st July an important new book will be published which will add greatly to our understanding of the history of Wales’ birds and their conservation, their current populations and what may lie ahead for them in the future. The Birds of Wales (608 pages/hardback) tells the stories of all the birds that have ever been recorded in Wales, whether common or rare. It’s published by Liverpool University Press and the Welsh Ornithological Society (WOS) and, if you pre-order it before 30 June you’ll save £20 on the cover price (£45).

We’re proud to say that the Gwent OS helped support the publication of this book by sponsoring its species account for the Dipper and records from the county feature prominently in the publication – everything from footprints of Common Crane preserved in Severn Estuary mud around 7,000 years ago to the return of breeding Bitterns in 2020.

Edited by volunteers from WOS this book is a once-in-a-generation summary of the state of Wales’ birds. An easy-to-read book, beautifully illustrated and with a wide selection of stunning images, it will have an essential place on the bookshelf of everyone with an interest in birds in Wales.
Use code WALES50 online and when ordering via phone. Pre-publication offer valid until 30 June 2021.
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