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Sun, 21 Dec 2014 Pontypool Blackcap
Sat, 20 Dec 2014 St Marys Vale Bullfinches
Sat, 20 Dec 2014 Waunavon Bog Short Eared Owl

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New, easy way to submit your 2014 records
Accurately recording our bird observations has arguably never been so important, given the pressures that our birdlife faces both nationally and locally.  As increasingly impressive optical and camera equipment make identifications easier, improved recording techniques are needed to enable observers to submit records quickly and clearly.
An electronic recording spreadsheet with some exciting new features has been in development over the past few months – this will replace the previous spreadsheet used by some GOS members and Gwent birders.  
The spreadsheet can be downloaded from the GOS website and used periodically, without internet access, to add records whenever it suits you.  With help notes incorporated within the spreadsheet it could not be easier to use.  
Click here to find the new forms on the Records page.
Included within the spreadsheet are a number of features:
drop-down lists for species, locations and breeding codes;
automatic insertion of BTO codes and Gwent Recording codes;
automatic insertion of grid references;
the county list, giving the status of all species recorded in the county to date;
a link to the Rare species description form for those species which call for a written description – an easy way to submit required details; 
a gazetteer of Gwent sites – more can be added on request;
a list of all subspecies which have occurred in Gwent.
I urge all those who submit bird records to log their records using this method, not least for the ease of use for both observer and Recorder, but also to allow the most accurate and appropriate way of logging your sightings.
Tom Chinnick
Gwent County Recorder
Llandegfedd Reservoir permits and keys

Click here (or on the Articles tab) to find out where to obtain a permit for the restricted north end of Llandegfedd Reservoir.

Updated County Bird List
Click here to find the current County List
The status within Gwent of each species is given in abbreviated form and all subspecies so far seen in the county are included.  Schedule 1 species and those for which a written description is required by the British Birds Rarities Committee or the Welsh Records Panel are clearly indicated, as are the recording codes.  
Finally, if you want to check out Gwent's rarities, just scroll through the final column – when a species has been recorded fewer than ten times, the number is given here.
The BOU has changed the taxonomic order again!  If you want to find a particular species and it's not where you expected it to be, use Ctrl F, type the species name into the box which drops down and you'll be taken to the right place.
Birdwatching Walks in Gwent

Birdwatching Walks in GwentTakes you to places in Gwent you never knew existed

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