WANTED – your 2022 Sightings

It’s that time of year again! PLEASE SEND YOUR RECORDS TO THE COUNTY RECORDER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Just download the Excel spreadsheet from the GOS website (under the Records tab), enter your sightings and submit them by email.

Although we would prefer to receive records submitted using the official GOS Recording Form, records submitted via Word documents, your own Excel spreadsheet and paper slips (available from the County Recorder) will still be accepted. If you use Word, please make sure there is a new line for each record and that data is entered IN THE FOLLOWING ORDER and SEPARATED BY A TAB:

Species name, location/site, grid reference, date of sighting, number of birds, comments (such as age/sex of birds, breeding notes etc), your name and initials.

Please USE THE SAME ORDER if using your own Excel spreadsheet.

Email your records to Darryl Spittle at countyrecorder@gwentbirds.org.uk .