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Verity Picken


Sun 4th Apr 2021

Main sighting: White Stork

Stunning views of a White Stork low overheard just north of Llangybi. Refound on the deck, following the plough and scoped through a bit of a heat haze. It took off flying northwards but I was unable to relocate it.

Bob Potter


Sun 4th Apr 2021

Main sighting: Lesser Redpoll

Lesser Redpoll visiting on a daily basis for the last 14 days, feeding on sunflower hearts feeder in my garden. (I have photo). One or two birds frequently seen. Is this unusual? Also regular visits by up to four Greenfinch, the occasional Chaffinch and many Goldfinch.

Adrian & Charlotte Edwards


Sat 3rd Apr 2021

Main sighting: Firecrest

Our first self found firecrest yesterday! Can’t say where here, have informed county recorder. Also many migrants – chiffchaffs, willow warblers, blackcaps

Neville Davies

Goldcliff Lagoons

Sat 3rd Apr 2021

Main sighting: White Wagtail

I have checked my pictures against the books and had a credible friend / birder check the images, but of the 5 pieds along the seawall, as thought, 2 were white wagtails. Amendment to yesterday’s post also, should read ‘no sign of the garganey today’ (not gadwall as listed).

Chris Stone + Theresa Stone


Sat 3rd Apr 2021

Main sighting: Red kite

Kite flew over garden today n/e – I see there was a Brent goose at Golcliffe, there was one at Sudbrook on Thursday 1/2. Also approx 9 Sand martins n/e yesterday

Neville Davies

Goldcliff Lagoons

Sat 3rd Apr 2021

Main sighting: Ruff

In relation to Stewart Hovey’s sighting yesterday, the Brent Goose was today feeding on the saltings from the seawall and did appear very dark, also wondering dark-bellied race? Also of note dawn to mid-morning: Blackcap singing and chiffchaffs singing, cettis heard calling.
Several pheasants about. Redshank Platform – 19 shelduck, 2 lt egrets, 12 avocet, 29 dunlin, 18 common redshanks, 1 lt ringed plover, skylark singing and 1 willow warbler singing from the hedge line. Snipe Platform – 19 mute swans (adults and last year’s cygnets), 18 tufted ducks, shoveler, teal, pair of little grebes, 12 gadwall, 2 grey herons, 2 cormorants and the white-fronted goose showing well (no sign of either the bean goose or gadwall today). Hide 3 – fem marsh harrier, 1 buzzard circling, female merlin made an appearance close to the hide, 51 avocet including the ringed bird, good count of 324 black-tailed godwits, pair of lt ringed plovers on the island, single ruff feeding on the bank, 21 ringed plovers, 2 oystercatchers, pair of pintail roosting on the far bank and a male reed bunting feeding. Seawall – brent goose, wheatear along the seawall, 4 pied wagtails may have had a white mixed in (tbc from photos).

Stewart Hovey

Goldcliff Lagoons

Fri 2nd Apr 2021

Main sighting: Brent Goose

Brent Goose flew over the sea wall and landed to the left of the Sea Wall hide. In flight it appeared totally black. In the water there was a very little contrast between the head, neck and the flank. However, it did have a quite thin white neck stripe. I didn’t see it out of the water. I watched it in the lagoon for about 10 mins. I concluded that it was a juvenile Dark-Bellied Brent Goose. I’m happy to be corrected. It was exciting as I have only ever previously seen Brent Geese in Norfolk. Sorry, I didn’t have a camera with me, I really hope other birders saw it!! But I then went off to see the 3 Garganey, Bean and White fronted geese. A great morning! It pays to be early!

Mike Rees


Fri 2nd Apr 2021

Main sighting: Swallow

Single swallow hawking for insects above the Linnetts

Andrew Cormack

Sugarloaf via St Mary’s Vale

Fri 2nd Apr 2021

Main sighting: Migrants

One swallow, at least three willow warblers and a wheatear just below the summit

Blair Jones

Goldcliff Lagoons

Fri 2nd Apr 2021

Main sighting: Garganey, Geese and Waders

Lots of birds this morning. Dawn Visit. 200 + Shelduck, throughout the reserve. Monks of note – 20 x Dunlin, 2 x Little Ringed Plover, 1 x Ruff. 10 x Redshank and 6 + Lapwing. Priors Lagoon – 3 x Garganey (2 M = 1F), 1 x Bean Goose, 1 x White Fronted Goose. First light 80 x Avocet ( moved to Becs). 1 x Buzzard. Becs – 2 x Wheatear, Reed Bunting, 300 + Black Tailed Godwits, 2 x Oystercatchers, Lapwings and Redshanks. Swallow x 2 , Sand Martin x 2
There was a report of a Brent Goose in with the Canada’s. Did not see it to confirm.

Nicholas Beswick


Fri 2nd Apr 2021

Main sighting: Garganey

Two male and a female Garganey seen from Snipe platform. Bean and White-fronted Geese still present.

Graham Thomas Thorne

Glan Lyn Estate Fisherman Lake NPT

Thu 1st Apr 2021

Main sighting: Little Egrets

With J Marsh Superb view of 5 Little Egret at roost preening and moving around the trees
fantastic photo shoot.Also seen Grey lag ,Canada. Mallard ,Coot Moorhen Blackcap and Greenwoodpecker.

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