Please do not post reports of nesting birds or sightings of rare or Schedule 1 breeders. Sightings which might lead to disturbance will be removed.


Trevor Russell

Swirling over Monmouth

Thu 5th May 2022

Main sighting: Swifts x 3

Three Swifts seen from my garden this evening 20:30. , swirling over Rape seed fields, Monmouth. My first sighting this year!

Hadyn Jones

Collister Pill saltmarsh

Thu 5th May 2022

Main sighting: Great White Egret

1 Great White Egret at Collister Saltmarsh at 9.30 with several Little Egrets,also 2 Wheatear and up to 20 Whimbrel there and up to West Pill.

Bernie Jones

Goldcliff near sea wall and mudflats around 1-30pm

Thu 5th May 2022

Main sighting: Whimbrel and Wheatear

3 Wheatear on sea wall and 12 Whimbrel mainly on mudflats and some on grass near hide 3
Other sightings included Chiffchaff. Sedge warbler Linnet. Reed bunting. Buzzard
Grey Heron. Shoveler. Teal. Redshank.
Swallow. Little Egret. Oystercatcher.
Black tailed Godwit. Ringed Plover and
Canada geese, Greylag geese and Moorhen all with chicks

Allan Dowson

Peterstone Gout

Thu 5th May 2022

Main sighting: Whimbrel

7-Whimbrels at high tide today.

Verity Picken


Thu 5th May 2022

Main sighting: Curlew

Curlews are far less vocal at the moment and therefore harder to find but you may see one chasing off a Buzzard or crow when guarding the nest. Don’t forget to send an email to if you see this behaviour. All reports, whether sightings or heards, are important.

Lee Parsons


Wed 4th May 2022

Main sighting: Cuckoo

Cuckoo heard 5:10am.

tony & jan jenkins


Tue 3rd May 2022

Main sighting: cuckoo

Cuckoo calling late afternoon near Devauden

Mike and Jackie Pointon

Lower Machen

Mon 2nd May 2022

Main sighting: Hawfinch

A Hawfinch sat out in the open for a short while. In Machen we saw 12 Sand Martins gathering dried grass as nesting material, not seen this behaviour before.


Chapel Road Goldcliff

Mon 2nd May 2022

Main sighting: 18 Swallows

Perched on the solar farm fence surround.

Ben Jones

Llanfosit, Abergavenny.

Sun 1st May 2022

Main sighting: Transitory swallows

Several hundred high flying swallows passing overhead heading due North.

David Hathaway


Sun 1st May 2022

Main sighting: Cuckoo

Cuckoo calling early this morning close to village,then flew over my house calling,flew off towards Devauden

Allan Dowson


Sat 30th Apr 2022

Main sighting: Greenshank

2-Greenshanks from sea wall hide,1-Common Sandpiper,2-Avocets,2-LRP’S,1m-Marsh Harrier.There was a Fox on the island in front of the sea wall hide,the whole time i was there.
Also at Boat Lane singing Sedge,Garden,Willow and Reed Warblers.10h00-12h30.